Shipping & Chartering

With brokers operating through offices, our shipping team handles the chartering of all ocean going tanker sizes on an international basis.

Our operations success are determined by providing a firm logistics support, expanding our capacity and building reliable and efficient means of shipping commodities.

Trading counterparty relationships across


around the UAE

Growing our trade volume to

thousand tons

of commodity and petroleum products yearly

Our group operations and offices are spread across



Our oil and gas equipment inventory span over

Onshore & offshore

Certified oil field equipments

What we offer

Our continued expansion across new markets accommodate shipping and chartering activities:

Wet freight

We fix vessels on spot voyage, buy contracts of affreightment (COAs) and take ships on time charter, for periods spanning anything from 30 days to five years. We deal in all vessel sizes, from 2,000 to 300,000 tonne DWT tankers. We trade in every market segment, including clean, dirty, LNG and LPG freights.

Dry freight

Our dry freight team supports the Metals and Minerals division with a chartering service to meet the international dry cargo requirements of the business. We also trade freight externally. Around a third of our shipped tonnage is in dry commodities.